What Is Young Foundations?

Young Foundations (YF) is a ministry of Voice Of God Recordings, developed especially for our young people. As young adults and children face the many distractions and temptations in the world today, Young Foundations has been designed to provide them with the personal attention and direction they need to keep their focus on the basic values essential to the life of a young believer. You can explore our website to discover more about YF. In here you will find many resources that have been an encouragement to thousands of believers around the world.



Like the cities of refuge in the Bible, Still Waters is where believers can find safety from our enemy. This is a place where the Holy Spirit is welcome to move about as He pleases, and He won't be hindered by outside influences. There are no cell phones, no internet, no television, nothing but a group of Christian young people and a few consecrated counselors to help them along the way.


Creations is the newest program within Young Foundations. It is a place where YF youth can come to not only learn new trades or skills, but also be taught valuable life lessons from the Word of God. Most homeschoolers don't have the opportunity to meet in a classroom setting with other youth to take trade classes such as art, home-ec, sewing & woodshop that are important to learn when you're young. Creations offers just that.


In fall of 2008, Cub Corner magazine was the first big item we launched for younger children. Many magazines and years later, it continues to be a HUGE hit for the little cubs. Inside the Cub Corner magazine are Bible stories, Brother Branham stories, Message and Bible trivia, lots of fun games, CC artwork, and a lot of really cool pictures and facts, all geared around the Word of God.


No matter what nationality or language spoken, all barriers are broken when God's children gather around the precious Word of God. Every year, Young Foundations hosts multiple camps, banquets and other events in different parts of the world to bring the youth together under this one common denominator.


Take just five minutes of your day and spend it sincerely talking to our Lord Jesus. Watch how it changes the course of your day. Your attitude, your spirit, your discernment, your actions, your thoughts, your decisions; the list goes on and on. How about 10 minutes? 30 minutes? How about one hour out of 24?


If you are a young believer between the ages of 0-28 and never married, and would like to sign up in Young Foundations to be added to our mailing and emails, sign up using the link below.